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Hypnotherapy in Sydney with Michelle Norman - Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking - Gastric Band Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss - Licensed Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner and Hypnotherapist to help you overcome a wide range of problems

The World's Number ONE Gastric Band Hypnotherapy System for Weight Loss

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Finding Clarity

Stanhope Medical Centre

Suite 26

2 Sentry Drive

Stanhope Gardens 2768


The Ponds Medical Centre

Riverbank Dr & The Ponds Boulevard,

Kellyville Ridge

NSW 2155

Tel: 0425-305 369

The  Sydney Hypnotherapy Clinic

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About Hypnotherapist Michelle Norman

My role is to guide you into finding your own inner resources... I will respect your feelings, your beliefs and your values, your well being is most important to me...

I have been working with the general public for about 20 years as a client liason/advisory manager.

In this time I have come to appreciate how we as humans, respond and react to an array of situations. This has allowed me to get to know cultures, beliefs and values in a more intimate way.

I continue to learn so much on a daily basis, the most beautiful people have crossed my path,  whether as a client, friend, a teacher or simply in a line at the supermarket.

I find that although on the surface people often seem troubled, their inner selves always find a way to shine through.

I am forever grateful for all that I am and all that I have experienced...

Honesty is the cornerstone on which I function. I feel that before we can do therapeutic work together, we need to know that our communication can be open and truthful.

We both need to feel okay about each other, in order for effective change to occur.

 I am able to understand what you are experiencing with regard to your problem. That means I understand your experience, your feelings and I always offer you a professional service reflecting this understanding.

Of course, I am not you and only you fully understand your experience, however, through empathy I am able to show a genuine positive regard for you and whatever issue you are seeing me for...

My Qualifications are:-


My Professional Memberships are:-

Affiliate: Australian Counselling Association.

Mission Statement.....

I will always


Tell you my fee and availability in advance

Explain the process of therapy to you

Answer your questions honestly

Not prolong therapy unnecessarily

Ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during the therapy

Show a professional regard towards other therapists & therapies

Work within my own level of competence

Ensure the confidentiality of anything that you may tell me

To contact me call 0425-305 369

Or send me an e-mail at

You can also fill out my Enquiry Form here