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Hypnotherapy in Sydney with Michelle Norman - Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking - Gastric Band Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss - Licensed Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner and Hypnotherapist to help you overcome a wide range of problems

The World's Number ONE Gastric Band Hypnotherapy System for Weight Loss

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Finding Clarity

Stanhope Medical Centre

Suite 26

2 Sentry Drive

Stanhope Gardens 2768


The Ponds Medical Centre

Riverbank Dr & The Ponds Boulevard,

Kellyville Ridge

NSW 2155

Tel: 0425-305 369

The  Sydney Hypnotherapy Clinic

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Testimonials from Successful Clients of the Hypnotherapy Clinic in Sydney

I lost weight with the Hypno-Band Gastric Band Hypnotherapy system

Been trying to stop smoking for years, stopped in 1 session. Highly recommend if you want actual results


I am convinced having the support of such a caring person contributed as significantly to my improvements as the hypnotherapy techniques. I'd recommend Michelle if you're looking to work hard to make progress towards your desired outcome and not expect a miracle or a magic cure


Over the last few years I have suffered from depression and anxiety and was finding it hard to function daily. I was desperate to get help and was referred to Michelle by a friend. As soon as I met Michelle I felt at ease instantly, she has such a compassionate and caring nature


I think it's only fair to start with the truth, I came into this with a whole lot of skepticism. I didn't think Michelle or anyone would be able to help me overcome my paralysing fear

However, it was abundantly clear after my first hypnotherapy appointment that I may have jumped the gun, so to say. With 3 simple sessions I went from panic Attacks and not flying for 5 years, to taking a return flight to Melbourne earlier this month

Having being overly judgmental of alternative therapy, I can now say first hand that I was wrong


Every since childhood I have always suffered from an overwhelming sense of anxiety. Michelle came highly recommended to me by a former client, and from the very first session, the sense of calm and inner balance I felt was incredible

I admit I was an absolute skeptic before my sessions, but there's no Mumbo jumbo or hocus pocus, just Michelle, helping you learn to strengthen you resolve to achieving inner calm and conquering those nagging doubts

Don't be put off by "Hollywood" ideas of Hypnotherapy, it's the best decision I ever made


My experience with hypnotherapy with Michelle was extremely positive.

Using soothing tones, Michelle simply guided me step by step into full body relaxation.

Then she raised some of the things that were discussed around my issue

I left the session feeling revitalised. I have maintained a positive sense of self, along with my personal quest for change, I attribute my success to my sessions with Michelle


Hi Michelle,

Just a quick text to say how happy my life is, not only have a lost 26kg I am no longer on my anti depressants, Life is Bliss xx


I got the job!! Thank You he mentioned how confident I was.. Wow what a difference :)

Talia - Castle Hill

Just wanted to touch base with you Michelle, I have lost 16.3kg so far and still going strong.. Melanie Jones - Kellyville

Thank You Michelle

You were the missing link I was looking for, I have a new outlook on life,

I have lost 22kg so far and still going strong. (18 weeks in)

My husband is thrilled with my results, its like we are teenagers in love again :) Samantha - Blacktown

I would personally recommend Michelle as a Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapist,

I have lost 12 kg so far.. she is awesome

Sandra - North Rocks

Thanks Michelle

Virtual Gastric Band is the best.. I wish so bad that I did it years ago.

I weighed myself this morning, 7kg in 3 weeks

I will be at my target weight by Christmas

Kristina Carson - Bella Vista

Hey Michelle,

Just wanted to Thank You again and check in. Its been 15 weeks now and I have lost 18 kg I am so grateful

Georgia Martin - Stanhope Gardens

Dear Michelle

I have tried several ways of Quitting Smoking over the years, I am so grateful that my friend recommended you. "I am a non smoker and I will be a non smoker for life"... lol

Thank You

Jenny xx

Thank You so much Michelle,

HypnoBand has truely changed my life

I was so amazed at the visuals I was getting as you guided me, WOW!

 Cheryl - Castle Hill


Dear Michelle

 In this day and age, it’s hard to find a therapist you can trust. Michelle at HypnoBand in Stanhope Gardens was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the help I received was outstanding.

 Thank You so much Michelle!”

Kelly Ann Truman - Kellyville Ridge



 Just a quick note to say Thank You so much... I have lost 15.7kg so far since my HypnoBand Surgery.. I am stoked.. Can't believe the difference in my life..


Donna Jenson - The Ponds


Hey Michelle

 I have lost another 2 kgs this week, thats 9kg down... Thanks again

 Peter Phillips - Glenwood


Dear Michelle,

 Just wanna says Thank you so much my hubby's life has changed since his sessions with you... he hasn't bitten his nails in weeks now... why we let him suffer for 9 years..

 Jenna Clark - Quakers Hill


Hi Michelle,

 I have lost 6 kilos since my Virtual Gastric Band surgery, I feel full so quickly with just a small amount of food... Wow!! Its so easy... you are an angel..


Maria - Stanhope Gardens



 I have only had 2 sessions of my Virtual Gastric Band Program but have already dropped a dress since... my wedding day will be perfect... See you Friday for surgery...

 Dorothy Isles - Blacktown


Thanks Michelle for you kindness and understanding during our sessions together, I have struggled with my weight for so long and never thought I could get passed the initial hurdles... HypnoBand is my saviour... I am so happy. I am down 13 kilos so far and going strong...

 Kerry Sinclair - Baulkham Hills



 I did it, I got on the plane, my flying phobia is gone.. I had the best holiday and couldn't have if it wasn't for you.. Got a little pressie for you when I see you next... Thanks again

 Nicole Johnson - Castle Hill

 Michelle... Thank you so much.. HypnoBand changed my life forever!!

Erica Peters - Stanhope Gardens


Hey Michelle

 I've lost 10kg's.... sooooo happy :)



Beaumont Hills