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Quit Smoking now with Clinical Hypnotherapist Michelle Norman

Smoking is bad for you. You know it, and you know what it can do to you in the long-run – make you very ill and kill you. No point in mincing words here... 


So, why do people do it? Why do people, when they know the consequences, continue to puff on the old coffin nails?


Probably because: Smoking is addictive.

Nicotine is a drug that causes your body to be come addicted to it. This means that after you have been smoking for a while your body gets so used to the nicotine coursing through your veins and invading your nervous system that in its absence your body misses it


Because your body is missing it, it throws a metaphoric all temper tantrum and you experience the effects of withdrawal. To make yourself feel better you grab another cigarette, light it up and take a long drag (Cough, splutter, wheeze!), and hey presto!


You give your body what it wants and, just like a child, the tantrum subsides.


Smoking is a habit...

Oh boy! Is smoking a habit! Every smoker knows about this. Every smoker associates their smoking with various activities they carry out during the day. It’s not that they need the cigarette at that point, it’s just that they always have a cigarette when: they talk on the phone, have a cup of coffee, walk to the station, read a book, sit on the loo, watch television and so on. The list is endless.


They do it for no other reason than this is what they have always done at this time. It’s a habit. And if they don’t do it at these times they feel uncomfortable because they feel something is missing; they don’t know what to do with their hands and so on. To fill that missing gap, or give their hands something to do, they light up.


If you ask a smoker to tell you which cigarettes they need to smoke during the day because of the addiction factor, you probably find that there are only a very few. All the other cigarettes are smoked simply out of habit.


Okay...  You want to quit smoking and you want to do it with hypnotherapy. So here’s some useful advice for you to think about:


Plan the right time to quit smoking.

Think about a good time to quit. Make sure that you plan to quit at a time when your life is going to be reasonably stable – when you have no major events over the coming month or two such as getting married, birthday parties, exams, holidays such as Christmas etc


On the other hand, many people find that quitting just before they go on holiday is a great time to do it, as the change of scenery and lack of all those familiar smoking triggers can reinforce their new non-smoking habit.


Fix an appointment with me and mark it in your diary.

Oh, and keep to the date!


Tell people, who you know are supportive, that you’re quitting. It’s always nice to have support and encouragement. These are the people you know you can turn to when your resolve is wavering, or who you know will give you those little words of encouragement just when you need them.


Avoid at all costs those who would delight in your failure!


Get rid of all your smoking paraphernalia just before your hypnotherapy session. Throw out your ashtrays, your lighters, and your stash of emergency cigarettes. You won’t need them any more. Once they are gone they won’t be there to tempt you from the straight and narrow.

Ensure that your home becomes a strict no smoking zone.


Do something that you know will increase your motivation to quit smoking. You’re motivated, but what else can you do that cranks up that motivation? Half-fill a jam jar with water and drop your old dog ends into it after you smoke each cigarette. Every so often, shake it up and smell the mixture. Nice! That’s what’s going on in your body each time you smoke.


Or take another jam jar and each time you buy a packet of cigarettes put the equivalent amount of money into it. At the end of the week count it up and see how much you are spending on ruining your health. And then think how much you save once you have stopped. Plan to do something nice with that money.


At your first hypnotherapy session I will obviously asks you about your smoking habits.


It can be helpful to think about these in advance.


• You can think about: Why you want to quit?

• How many cigarettes you smoke a day?

• The cigarettes you feel you need each day?

• The cigarettes you have just out of habit?

• How smoking affects you?

• How you think being a non-smoker benefits you?

• How old you were when you first started smoking?

• Why you first started smoking?

• Why you haven’t quit smoking before?

• If you have quit smoking before, why you started smoking again?

• How much you spend on smoking each week and what you are going to do with all that extra money once you are a non-smoker?

• Any fears you may have about quitting.


This last issue often proves to be a sticking point when it comes to helping people quit smoking. Addressing your fears about Hypnotherapy.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy is not just about helping you to stop.


After all, you stop smoking between each cigarette you have. No, it’s also about helping you to remain a non-smoker.


That means that we should not only address the process of stopping and keeping you stopped, but also dealing with those fears that you may have of what happens when you’ve done so. It’s often these fears and concerns that prompt a person to fall off the healthy wagon and go back into the tar pit of smoking.


So it is very important that you talk through any fears or concerns you have to enable me to create strategies to help you get around them. Some of these fears and the way I can help you deal with them could include:


I’m scared that I will put on weight

This is perhaps the most common fear. It is a fact that some people put on weight after they quit smoking. But hold on. That doesn’t mean to say that nothing can be done about it. Far from it. It just means that these people have probably traded one habit – smoking – for another – eating.


Not to worry, I can give you suggestions designed to help you gain greater control over your eating habits. In fact, you should find that you only replace the habit of smoking with the wonderful habit of healthier living!


Smoking helps me manage my stress, so what do I do once I quit?


This old chestnut! If this is one of your fears, then think about this: nicotine causes the physical effects of stress. Nicotine increases your heart rate, increases your blood pressure, and causes your nervous system to release various stress hormones such as adrenaline.


So why do people associate cigarette smoking with stress relief? Probably because when a stressed smoker lights up, he’s distracting himself away from the stress by the very process of lighting up and smoking the cigarette. He may also remove himself from the environment where the stress is occurring by having to go outside to smoke. If you use cigarettes as a stress management tool, discuss this with your hypnotherapist.


Through a process of suggestion and strengthening your ego I can help you manage your stress in a much more healthy way. And perhaps you might like to book a session of stress management with me too!


How many sessions is it going to take you to become a non-smoker?

Well, hypnotherapy can help you to quit in as little as one session.

Just as in medicine, several approaches can help you become a non-smoker. 

On the other hand, some approaches take three or four sessions to complete. In these, each session deals with a separate aspect of your smoking habit. Each is as good as the other.


So, what can you expect during your stop smoking hypnotherapy session?

First of all, I will take a complete case history and ask you questions that allow me to fully understand your smoking habits. From your answers to these questions I will then be able to design a therapy session (or sessions) that is personal to you, allowing you to take control of the habit whilst breaking your daily associations with smoking.


What happens if you have had your therapy sessions but still have a strong urge to smoke? Don’t worry; pick up the telephone and call me rather than pick up a cigarette.

Before you go in for your hypnotherapy session, have that last cigarette.


Enjoy it, as it will be the last one you will ever want. Using hypnotherapy to stop smoking is not magic, and very much relies on building up your willpower. If you enter into your therapy session with the right motivation and a genuine desire to quit, then stop smoking hypnotherapy is extremely effective in helping you to become and remain a non-smoker.


Never think that just because you have successfully managed to quit through hypnotherapy that it means you are now so in control of your smoking habit, that you can allow yourself to have the occasional cigarette with impunity.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. One cigarette leads to another (after all, you’re in control aren’t you?), and then another (Hmm! Not so in control now), and then another (Ooops! Control has completely gone), and before you know it you are back where you started (and probably back to forking out for another trip to see your hypnotherapist).


In general a hypnotherapist helps you to quit smoking through the use of suggestion. He gives suggestions that link your desire to quit to the various times of day that you smoke.


For example, he may suggest that ‘You have no desire to smoke when you first wake up in the morning’ or ‘You have no desire to smoke after a meal’. Sounds too easy, doesn’t it?


Well, it’s not that straight forward. What I do is help you do is a form of reprogramming. By associating your problem times with having no desire to smoke, the suggestions break the old unconscious associations you have with smoking; they re-programme you.


You may well find that you go through the day and, because of these suggestions, you forget about smoking for long periods of time. Why? Because your mind is no longer focused on the smoking behaviour. The association of various points in the day with smoking has been broken. Of course, the issue of cravings and withdrawal will be taken into account. Many people who quit smoking through hypnotherapy say they have very few cravings and very little in the way of withdrawal.


I will give you numerous suggestions to help you cope with any cravings – after all, they only last a very short time – as well as suggesting that you have the willpower to get through any feelings of withdrawal.

Are YOU ready to Stop Smoking?

If you are truly ready to give up smoking and are prepared to put in 100% effort, then my Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session will be of enormous help to you.

Why not get in touch with me and let me help YOU to become a Non-Smoker right now.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Sydney

To contact me call 0425-305 369

Or send me an e-mail at

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