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Hypnotherapy in Sydney with Michelle Norman - Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking - Gastric Band Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss - Licensed Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner and Hypnotherapist to help you overcome a wide range of problems

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Finding Clarity

Stanhope Medical Centre

Suite 26

2 Sentry Drive

Stanhope Gardens 2768


The Ponds Medical Centre

Riverbank Dr & The Ponds Boulevard,

Kellyville Ridge

NSW 2155

Tel: 0425-305 369

The  Sydney Hypnotherapy Clinic

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Providing me as much clear information as you can will create a firm foundation upon which the process of change can be built...

Being unable to pinpoint your problem is more common than you may think... Many people know they have issues in their lives causing them distress but can’t figure out exactly what’s going on.

Don’t worry, I can still help… Through a combination of asking you questions and using trance work designed to uncover the specifics of why you’re there, together we can reach a true definition of your problem.

You can help the process along by thinking about the following questions before you come for your first therapy session:

What is it about your life that’s distressing?

If you had to give a brief definition of your life, what would it be?

How is your life being affected?

Think about how your day-to-day life runs.

What is the impact on your home life? Your work life? Your social life?

Are you being restricted in what you can do and where you can go?

What thoughts accompany you throughout the day?

What are those niggling little thoughts that constantly seem to hold you back? When are you self-denigrating? What do you tell yourself when you are at work, at home, and socialising?

What is good about your life?

Of course, it’s never healthy to focus just on the negative, so think about the good things happening to you. Doing this is important so you can see that your problem is not a constant in your life.

When did you start feeling like this?

What was happening in your life at the time you first noticed you had a problem?

I know my problem but haven’t been able to solve it...

You may well have a very good handle on what your problem is, but trying to solve it is causing you frustration. You know that the problem can be solved, but you can’t see a way to get rid of it...

If this is the case, think about the following before coming for therapy:

How have you tried to solve this problem in the past?

What solutions have you attempted before? Why did you try them?

What solutions had some effect and what solutions were down right disasters?What were the reasons for the differing results?

Why did a solution you thought worked suddenly fail?

What was it that triggered the problem again? How did you react?

What are your thoughts about solving this problem?

When you think about solving your problem, what goes through your mind? What are you expecting to happen? What are you saying to yourself?

‘I have more than one problem’...

Are your problems related? Are there any links between your problems or is each issue completely separate from the others?

When did your problems become troublesome for you?

Have your issues always been a problem, or have they been highlighted only as other issues cropped up?

When did your problem first start?

At what point did you first become aware of this problem?

When did your problem become troublesome for you?

Did your problem start out as something manageable and then escalate into something that wasn’t? Why do you think that was?

What was going on in your life when your problem emerged?

Were you experiencing changes in your life when the problem first appeared or became an issue for you?

How does your problem affect your life?

How does your problem express itself in your day-to-day life? What does it stop you from doing? What does it cause you to do unnecessarily?

How does your problem affect the lives of those around you?

Does your problem have an effect on those around you at work, at home, or when you socialise? If so, what are these effects?

What makes your problem worse?

Have you noticed times when your problem appears to become more severe? If so, what was happening in your life at that time?

What makes your problem better?

Have you noticed times when your problem appears to ease? If so what was happening in your life at that time?

What feelings and emotions can help you resolve this problem?

What psychological tools do you need to help you along the way (for example, more confidence, greater focus, and so on)?

How will you know that your problem has gone?

How will your life have changed to show you (and perhaps others too) that you have resolved your problem?

How do you want to be when your problem is resolved?

How do you want to be acting, thinking and feeling when you’ve resolved your problem?

How much do you want to resolve this problem?

How much effort are you prepared to expend to get you to your resolution?

Understanding YOUR problem

If, having worked through these thoughts, you would like to contact me to arrange a Hypnotherapy Session, then please contact me.

To contact me call 0425-305 369

Or send me an e-mail at

You can also fill out my Enquiry Form here